Welcome to my Bloggii review.

On September 24th at 10AM (EST) Bloggii is going to be released by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko.

Bloggii is a new system that is based around turning $5 blog posts (that you don’t write) into $300-$1,000 over and over again.

This method immediately stood out to me because I’ve seen Stefan and Greg both using this method and getting incredible results (AKA making lots of money).

In the video below watch my complete Bloggii review and make sure to watch until the end to see my amazing bonus bundle that I’ve put together for you if you purchase through my link.

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Bloggii Review
Bloggii Review

Pricing & Funnel

Main Course – ($12.95) is a video training course that shows you how to take $5 blog posts (that you don’t write) and turn them into $300-$1,000 paydays over and over again with FREE traffic. (Brilliant)

Upgrade 1 ($27) – Bloggii Case-Studies Pack

Upgrade 2 ($47) – Bloggii Done-For-You

Upgrade 3 ($97/$147/$197) – 100% Commission/License/Reseller Rights for Bloggi. That means you can sell it as YOUR OWN product and keep 100% of the income. (They handle delivery & customer support)

Upgrade 4 ($1,497) – DFY Blog – in this upgrade they will create a complete money-making blog for you and hand it to you on a silver platter. (or possibly an excel spreadsheet =)


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Bloggii review

bloggii review

Bloggii review

Bloggii Review

Ok, here are my thoughts.

When doing my Bloggii review and going through the course I was immediately excited to share this one with you guys.


Because it’s a newbie-friendly system for making good money online based off of free traffic.

Here’s a quick peek into the member’s area. (see screenshot below)

Bloggii Review

bloggii review

Bloggii Review

I’ve been seeing both Stefan and Greg putting this method into action for quite awhile now and they’ve been getting amazing results with it.

Basically they are building out extremely simple blogs and then outsourcing posts on them (for $5) and then using their Bloggii method to turn these posts into $300-$1k paydays.

Not too shabby.

The great thing about this system is it’s a REAL & long-lasting business model.

Not something that’s here today and can make you a few bucks and is gone tomorrow.

No, with Bloggii not only is it a long-term business model but you will also be ramping up your earnings and earning considerably more from your efforts over time.

Another thing I’d like to add is this is 100% case-study backed with income proof to match. (verified)

Bloggii Review

bloggii review

Bloggii Review

This is something that I know will help a lot of people and can either be used as a full-time earning method or just to earn 2-3k per month in your spare time.

Personally, I think these guys should have released this course a lot sooner as it’s a great system and I know it’s going to help a lot of people earn good money.

Also, as you know I always put serious thought into bringing you guys the absolute best bonuses possible.

So when doing my Bloggii review I thought long and hard about what I could create + give you guys in my bonus bundle to supercharge your results and give you a HUGE advantage over anyone using this system without my bonuses.

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With these at your disposal you’re going to have a serious advantage over everyone else.


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Bloggii Bonus (ONLY 50 17 Available)

Bonus #1 – Bloggii ‘Super-Charged’ – 2-3x your profits. (Very Profitable)

Bonus #2 – Bloggii ‘Passive Income Booster’ – Take advantage of a simple element that can make you recurring income on autopilot when combined with this system. (Very Smart)

Bonus #3 – Bloggii ‘Outsourcers’ – You can either do everything yourself, OR with this bonus I’ll give you access to who I would use to outsource the work to. (Top Secret)

Bonus #4 – Bloggii Backlinking – Use this to double the traffic you’ll receive with this method.

Bonus #5 – Bloggii Niche Research Like-a-Pro

Bonus #6 – Vendor Bonuses


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